I use this as a kind of journal of little projects I do, in case it is useful or otherwise interesting to others.

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  1. Joao

    I have interest in DUKPT Decrypt for decrypt Encrypted PIN Blocks, how I can get this?

    1. ziggurat29 Post author

      Various of my fintech apps had ownership transferred to a separate party some years back. That’s just code, though, and I still remember the algorithms. What’s the application? testing? It matters a little to be precise, because the base DUKPT key is transformed into a variant according to purpose (PIN, MAC, Data encryption), and further in the case of data encryption, often the key is fed into AES rather than TDES.

  2. O

    I found your (old) entry: http://ziggurat29.com/AegisPadlock/aegispadlock.htm
    That’s quite some security analysis for Apricorn. Thanks for this. I was disappionted when the article ended 😉 – as I bought “Apricorn Aegis Padlock DT 256-bit AES” (ADT-3PL256) and was curious if it holds it’s promises.
    Anyways. Thanks for your article. If you have an update – I would be interested.

    1. ziggurat29 Post author

      I don’t have one of the desktop units, but I would think it does hold promise. In later models, they potted the chips, so you would have to remove that potting to get to the contacts.
      I never was able to get a datasheet on the controller, so my understanding of the details of the part is concomitantly limited. The data I had was more like a product brief, providing a high level description of the part. It is conceivable/likely that the newer units are using newer versions of that part — if for no other reason than newer connectivity (eSata, USB3).
      Incidentally I was never able to get eSata to work on my unit — it would appear to transfer correctly, but the files would be subtly corrupt. (based on hashing the content). Maybe mine was a lemon, but I’d advise verification if your data is important. Similarly, I have one drive with important data to which I cannot log in for some reason. I can log in as admin, but I cannot log in as a user, so that data is now locked up. Consequently, I would /not/ advise using the drives as the sole store of data that’s critical to you. But I think they still have their place for convenience and portability.

    2. Sergio C.

      I also found your article about Apricorn Aegis drives. I have one with a broken hard drive. The article helped me in all ways. Now I am waiting my new drive to be shipped.
      Big thanks.

  3. O

    thanks for point the out the “access” problem.
    I will test the saved data again.
    Btw. I noticed the aluminum case of the 3,5″ is getting quite warm (ca. 41°C) – maybe they also have a heat problem – at least, when the drive is in heavy use for long hours (mine was for about 20 hours)


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