NuttX on a Netduino Plus 2; setup Ethernet, verified

I awoke this morning to discover that I had turned into a giant cockroach.  Oh, and also that my NP2 was still running.  So, I replied to the group with the results, and created a patchfile, which has been incorporated into head and should come out in NuttX 6.29.

It’s interesting that I should have a part that is so susceptible to this erratum, but I am glad — otherwise it would have been harder to detect, far harder to have confidence that maybe it is hardware related, and also harder to verify the fix.  Sometimes when you fail, you actually succeed!

Now that I am done with external hardware, I need to get all the internal (on-chip) hardware working.  This includes all gpios, in and out and open-drain and pullup, interrupts with the gpios, I2C, SPI, A/D, PWM, and serial.  Lot of work….

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