NuttX on a Netduino Plus 2; setup SD card support, pt 3

The breakage of my other board has me obsessed — how could it be?  Well, it could be for a simple reason:  I had rebrained that board, and I had a bad solder joint on my replaced chip.  That board had a damaged processor and I had decided to try my hand at replacing the CPU (and with a tastier one, the 415), which I did successfully much to my amazement. But I failed to consider that little fact about it’s history when I started this project, and also that I had not done a full test of it’s functionality.  My fear was that I had broken a trace under the CPU but at length it simply turned out to be a bad solder joint, which was easily remedied with a smidge of molten lead, and the world seems sane once again.  Anyway, lesson learned, and that board will not be used for further work on this project.

Eventually, I also discovered that I had a typo in the pin defs for the SPI ports in board.h.  It was a cut-and-paste error, and I had copied the SPI1 text down into SPI2 and SPI3.  I correctly modified the pin variant, but not the port number.  I changed that and…  it works!  Or at least I can mount, and I can do a directory listing.  Haven’t tried anything fancier, but that satisfies me at this phase.

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